Ovens, Hobs, Extractors, AGA's and Ranges.

Make your oven last longer with a professional clean.

Surveys have revealed that oven cleaning was named as the most hated household chore. It is possible to look after your oven if cleaned at least once a week or so. However there are many reasons why people choose to have their oven and extras such as hobs and extractors cleaned by a company.

Reasons will usually be at least one of the following..

  • It can be quite a physical and strenuous job (especially if caked on)
  • Not enough spare time to complete such an undesirable job. (life is too short)
  • Would rather have it deep cleaned professionally, that includes removing parts including getting in between the door
  • Don't want to use toxic products found in shops
  • Health issues or old age
  • Affordable luxury


Prices between members can vary a little, but generally a standard one door oven is £35-£45 and will take 1.5-2 hours. Rising to £75-£100 for a large range oven which can take between 4-5 hours to complete. Your technician will aim to get your appliance as good as new which can take longer than you may think. No steam cleaners or toxic chemicals are permitted on the OvenServe network, and members must adhere to that.

Oven cleaning service providers also carry a van mounted dip tank in their van which can cost up to £3000. This is used to heat up the removable parts such as racks, back plates, fans and hob rings. So that when the technician has completed the work inside the oven, these parts have became easier to clean.

All members work independently, they do not work for OvenServe. Upon receiving your name, town and telephone/email we will pass your information onto an appropriate member. Who will then endeavour to contact you within a reasonable time frame (usually 24 hours). Remember you are under no obligation to go ahead with any work.

With the new GDPR legislation (General data protection regulation), by using this website we will assume you accept that your name, town/city, telephone number or email is given to an appropriate member of the network. However your information is held otherwise confidentially and is not used for any other purposes. More information on GDPR can be found in this Wikipedia link -


For more information on the terms of our service please see bottom of page.


Terms and conditions


OvenServe itself does not directly offer an oven clean or repair service. Your details are forwarded to an appropriate member (if one is present on the network in your area). And they will be in contact with you to discuss your requirements. 

Therefore we (OvenServe) cannot be held responsible for any losses or claims that may albeit unlikely to arise from the use of a service from a member. We do however as stated, assess applications before accepting members, and retain all relevant documents. 

But ultimately if any issues where to rise (rare) it is the service provider's responsibility to efficiently resolve any matters. However, we may in extreme cases remove members from the network.