About OvenServe

We are oven care specialists.

OvenServe is a training and marketing network, that seeks to obtain independent oven clean and repair technicians. But additionally offer training and support to new companies. All members are checked and vetted, on behalf of you the consumer looking for such services. 

This helps to ensure that only trusted, competent and insured persons carry out the work required. 

We have an oven clean and repair business too. 


We have been involved in the cleaning of ovens since 2008. And in recent years incorporated an oven repair service which we felt would enhance our knowledge and experience. Which would work well alongside the cleaning service offered, allowing for even better value for money.

Our business is based in the North East, and has served thousands of customers. We can competently deep clean ovens to a high standard, removing parts and replacing correctly. Only non caustic bio degradable industry leading products are used.

We found that in this ever conscious world, and given the fact this industry is still fairly new. That there was a demand for something that could connect reputable, hardworking & trustworthy service providers with potential recipients.